Download the appropriate packages for your platform. Linux users need both packages in order to play the game. All our releases are also available via our project page. You can find our previous games from


  • I Have No Tomatoes installer (v1.5) (8.35 MB)
  • Source code (v1.5) (125 KB)

  • Linux (download both the source and data, or a prepackaged version)

  • I Have No Tomatoes data package (v1.5) (8.39 MB)
  • Source code (v1.5) (54 KB)
  • Patch for using SDL_Mixer (v1.5)
  • Patch for GCC 3.4x (v1.5)

  • I Have No Tomatoes for Ubuntu (v1.55)
  • I Have No Tomatoes for Arch Linux (v1.55)

  • MacOS X (port by Donald Murta)

  • I Have No Tomatoes binary (v1.5) (9.43 MB)
  • Source code (v1.5) (50 KB)
    If you want to mirror this game on your own web space, use those links above as the primary download link and your own mirror as the secondary download link, please! This helps us keep count of the amount of downloads.


    I Have No Tomatoes utilizes following libraries. You need them all if you want to recompile the game (Linux users for example)

  • SDL and SDL_Image by Sam Lantinga (+ others)
  • FMOD Music & Sound Effects System by Firelight Technologies

  • Installation program was made using Nullsoft NSIS (
    Compiled using MinGW (
    EXE and DLLs packed with UPX (
    Using OpenGL API for the graphics (
    Hosted by (

    Hosted by Logo

    Copyright © 2004, Mika Halttunen.